Perouze Messiha

    Perouze’s parties are to showcase what  the students have learned in their last session. Twice a year Perouze’s students get together and create costumes and choreographies for that  special night. Over 20 of her students perform either in groups or in a solo. Veil and stick dances are also part of the show and the students usually prepare  anywhere from  6 months to 2 month in advance.

    If you would like to come support her students and get more info on these diner dances...


    Perouze Messiha is one of Montreal’s first Belly Dancers. She was born in Cairo Egypt and moved to Canada in 1968 . She has been teaching the Authentic Egyptian style of belly dance for over 30 years.

    She spread her love and passion for the dance to all her students who over the year have become beautiful performers and teachers of their own.

She is a true inspiration.


Special Thank you to “Daddy”

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